Friday, July 29, 2005


Per was working hard all week on the audio content, in which he incorporated the voices of local people, the asylum group, the sound of the church bells recorded on Wednesday, and the musical sounds that London artists Andrew Lagowski and Dan Powell had uploaded for us to use.

The ingenious way Per designed the audio to be distributed via 12 walkie-talkies working on different channels required reprogramming the walkie-talkie system and keeping the receivers open so that synchronised audio streams could be sent to them, and so Friday night for Mark and Per was a long period of much head-scratching, some moments of despair as the system stuttered and suffered from interference, and a triumph of patience and method as everything finally fell into place and started to work as planned.

There was something really lovely about taking this symbol of authority and power and using it to show the humanity and vulnerability of people in this place of sanctuary.


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