Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saturday Afternoon Modelling

Lisa arrived in the afternoon and began to remake her figurines. Some of them we recovered from Glendales, and those which were not too badly damaged she remodelled. Others were turned into raw materials once again for new figures. This curious squirrel, who clearly considered the tomb area his territory, could not work out whether plasticine was edible or not.

During the afternoon, Lisa was joined by ten or so people, known and unknown, who saw what she was doing and industriously began to make model figures.

It was nice to see how everyone took each character seriously and constructed them as if engaged in different activities. Interesting also how the results became so inventive the more everyone got into it and the activity developed. I spotted figures reading, sleeping, meditating, dancing, drinking, kissing, breast-feeding, listening to the radio...
Sitting Man


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