Friday, July 29, 2005


Toilets have arrived. Funnily enough, nobody was using them at first and I had to point out to the drinkers in the park that they might prefer them to using the bushes.

Later all three cubicles were being rather drunkenly rocked back and forth by the occupants in apparent celebration at having somewhere private to ablute. I rapped on the door and told them to be quiet or they would be asked to leave, with absolutely no authority to do so I hasten to add, and the noises stopped. No further action was required, and with the exception of some escaped toilet roll which I cleared up, they were kept in good order.

As somebody pointed out to me, on the new maps of Islington, toilets are still show as being in this space, but the brick toilet was demolished over ten years ago. It certainly improved the park for the duration. The smell of urine in places is very bad and several times I have found human faeces. It was a pleasure to give the park a reason to rejoin civilisation in this way.


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