Monday, July 25, 2005

Motherboard in Islington

Per and Amanda aka Motherboard arrived last night from Norway. This morning we walked around the gardens, measuring things and planning this weekend's exhibition.

We set out a schedule for the week which includes recording the bells on Wednesday evening (thanks to Pam Donovan and Ian Feltham) and working with Matthew Griffiths. Matthew is Diatonic Harmonica Champion of Great Britain, he's a local, a regular church goer and Central Library user. I also met Frank today in the rain in the park, a poet, who has been composing rhyming couplets about our festival.

Posters are up all around the local area including the Central Library, the chemist, the stone masons, the Buddhist centre, the sandwich bar opposite the main entrance, and the Mersey Estate.

Lisa came by at lunch time with some chicken wire for a sculpture, which we put in the crypt. We are to make a sculpture from this. She was amazed that her plasticine figures were all still in place, bar one, which was intact, but which had been moved to the bottom of a another tree.

Nice that people noticed, inspected, but respected the work.


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