Friday, July 29, 2005

Art Project "Tidied Up"

It's going well. Amanda's flying figures have been lighting up the church window. We've very busy preparing the church and gardens for the weekend event. However,
this morning 35-plus plasticine figures and several prints had (with five missed exceptions) completely gone, along with the tree-dressing from earlier in the week and the high visibility spiral tree-barrier erected last night. We were dismayed to say the least.

They were removed mistakenly by GLENDALES who said they thought it was rubbish. Not sure if this was meant as art criticism.

A few hours later, two guys in a truck, looking pretty embarassed, brought some of it back.

what a messLisa, who is to start at Archway art school Byam Shaw in the autumn, was magnanamous about the frustrating of 30 hours making and installing the sculpture and says she will make some more for this weekend's event. She was amazed that the small figures survived the terrible recent weather, the unseasonable wind and rain. With one or two noble exceptions, few have been removed or squashed, although plenty have had close inspection from park users. People seem to find them fascinating, and we have had good comments.

If you have seen the figures, please leave a comment and tell us your reaction.

We also made Can Man, a hollow chicken wire receptacle for the recycling of cans, and left it by the church steps. It started to fill with cans. Let's see how long he lasts!


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