Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Seven Things About This Project

Here are seven things about the "Imagining St Mary Magdalene's" project you might like to pass on:

1. "Imagining St Mary Magdalene's" is an art project based in a church garden / public park in Islington, London, UK.

2. Norwegian / British artists Motherboard are here during the last week of July 2005 working with local people, making art in and about the gardens. We want to encourage people to express their feelings thoughts and hopes for this unique space.

3. These include park users, local residents, parishioners of St Mary Magdalene's church, local artists.

4. There has never been anything like this happen in the gardens, or as far as we know, in Islington.

5. Your input is valuable to the project - You can email content, by which we mean words, pictures, or sounds, to mm[at]funk[dot]co[dot]uk or (if you are in the UK) you can text us words, pictures or sounds to 07951 225551. Terms and conditions here.

6. The art event culminates in an exhibition on Saturday 30th July. There will be a small cafe space in the gardens on Saturday afternoon and an audio-visual installation on Saturday evening.

7. On Sunday 31st July, there will be an open-air service and lunch with drama and other activities.


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